Realejo, unknown place in Granada


Have you ever dreamed of traveling from the Middle Ages to today?

Granada Only by the hand of its official guides will transport you, in just two hours, the incredible distance of almost 1000 years.

Accept the challenge and visit the Realejo, unknown place in Granada with us.

Realejo, an unknown place in Granada, the great unknown.

The Realejo area in Granada is not a very well known place.

Alhambra is very famous place in Granada, or the city center with the huge Cathedral and Royal Chapel.

The old part, Albaicin is very famous too.

But… what about the Realejo? I don’t really think so.

What was it? Who lived there? What were its limits? What is really known and what are its urban legends?

Discover all these questions in the following article or send us a mail.

Thus, walking its streets, its squares and its monuments, we will know how to transport you from one period to another.

Thus, with the wisdom of our guides, who, as conjurers, will take you with the magic of their words from Muslim art to Baroque, through the Renaissance.

Picture: Royal Room of Santo Domingo.

Therefore, our guided visit to the Realejo is widely documented.

And we will reveal the great secrets of the magnificent civilizations that passed through this land.


We will start with the visit of the Royal Room of Santo Domingo.

It was an islamic building converted into a convent in the christian period.

That is why the monument has a very strange name.

First of all, I have to say that this place was a leafy orchard in Muslim times, the so-called yannat al-mayara al-Kubra.

In this way, this magnificent building was a little palace or rest building of the Muslim royal family.

Its great importance lies in being, the only evidence of real building preserved within the walls of the old Nasrid city.

Also, the best preserved place is the reception part of the palace called the “qubba”.

However, a part has been lost over time, which archeology has revealed and we will comment on these remains to make an ideal reconstruction.

It is a magnificent building, its stuccos, its tiles, its wooden ceilings tell us about an admirable civilization with an amazing production.

What’s more, we will teach you in the guided tour, the secrets in the production of tiles, tiling, plaster and wooden ceilings.


Next, we will visit its garden, with its herbs, its aromatic and medicinal plants.

The Muslims were excellent botanists and one of our great passions in Granada Only is the flora that they have left us.

This important legacy that today is based on the multiple aromas given off by jasmine, myrtle and orange blossom.



Then, our steps will take us to the Santo Domingo Square, presided over by the church of the same name.

Thus we will be able to observe the Christian urban transformations carried out in the city after the Reconquest.


The façade of the church features wonderful wall paintings of Santo Domingo, founder of the Dominican order.

At this point, we will study the iconography of its facade, with the symbols of the torch, the dog, the fleur-de-lis, and the rosary.

This order of preachers has left us this magnificent temple.

But we must not fail to be impressed by its symbolism or by the insignia of the Catholic Monarchs that adorn the facade.


We must be impressed by its dressing room, the dressing room of the Virgen del Rosario (Camarín de la Virgen del Rosario).

One of these unique places that when you have visited you can never forget.

A small, secluded place, in the overwhelming Baroque style.

It is a unique place, of which everything is unknown: the artist, the architect, and it is a unique work that is unprecedented or imitators.

In the purest style of Italian palaces, inspired by Borromini.

It shows us something purely Andalusian such as a dressing room, which shows us civil architecture but with a religious use.

A dressing room is a small chapel, located behind an altar, in which an image is venerated.

Let us be seduced by the Stendal syndrome for a moment with the contemplation of this unique work.

Let us be seduced by its transparency, the light entering through the cupola, covering thousands of crystals with layers of gray plaster and marbles.


We will leave this place heading for the Casa de los Tiros.

Along the way we will reveal the Jewish past of the neighborhood, what we know for sure that there was, what there is today, how many Jews it is believed to have inhabited it and what limits it had this famous Jewish quarter in the Realejo neighborhood.

Although,  there are no material jewish remains in Granada.

Unfortunately, we have no remains of the Jewish buildings that were in Granada

Finally, our feet will take us to the Plaza del Padre Suárez.

Here, we will talk about the current buildings that surround it, what there was and what there is today.

And, we will enter in our last building, the Casa de los Tiros.


The history of this house appears linked to the figure of Gil Vazquez Rengifo, a Castilian knight who accompanied the Catholic Monarchs in the conquest of Granada.

This man must have had an exciting life, because he had served in Italy under the orders of the Great Captain.

The daughter of this gentleman will marry the grandson of Pedro de Granada, a Muslim convert, formerly known as Cidi Haya.

This legendary palace-house will be decorated with Renaissance motifs, which transport us to the classic iconography of Jason, Hector, Hermes, Hercules and Theseus.

These wisely chosen characters are as legendary as their feats performed.

Thus, these four sculptures decorate the facade of the building.

And inside the building, you will see remains of wall painting of mythological scenes that decorate the wall and ceilings.

Finally, the last chamber is the Golden Ceiling.

Nobody expects to find a wooden ceiling, divided into boxes, as if it were a chess game and where illustrious characters closely linked to the history of Granada appear.

On our visit to the Realejo we will study the most outstanding characters and the feats they did in life.

Come with us to this exciting tour, where we will reveal great secrets of the Muslims, Dominicans and Jews, and where, you will learn to recognize the Renaissance and Baroque style.

You will be passionate! Visit it with Granada Only.

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                         Acknowledgments: Photos courtesy of Esther Mollá Orantes.

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