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Cristina Muñoz Eugenio

Tourist Guide for 21 years, I am a graduate in Tourism and an Art Historian.

Throughout my professional career, I have provided many guided tours for a very diverse and international public, including schools, associations, and conferences, in both individual and group formats.

I have also collaborated with the Board of the Alhambra in countless visits: Medina, Flora Alhambra, and Generalife, Islamic Woman, Christian Visit…

My favorite places in Granada are the Carthusian Monastery, which should not be missed, and the Chapel dedicated to the Rosary Virgin, a hidden little treasure.

My collaborators:

Antonio Bonilla

I am Antonio Bonilla, born in Madrid but “Granaíno” by choice. I have been an official tourist guide in Granada for more than 15 years. In addition to providing the usual visits to the main monuments of our city, I love delving into its lesser-known cultural and historical aspects – it is often by learning about the origin of popular expressions and jokes, or the story of places and objects sidelined by conventional history, that we can really feel the intimate history of Granada, and even capture the essence of the city.

I believe a guided tour shouldn’t just be a way to convey information, but also an emotional experience. I seek not just to share little-known and interesting facts in an entertaining way, but also to create emotions in our visitors.

A tour is for me a chance to share the fascination and joy that come from seeing the city of Granada through other eyes, and to plant a seed of curiosity about things and places full of history but usually ignored.

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