My favorite section… BOOKS.

It is a selection of books for those who enjoy the pleasure of reading. Enjoy it!

They are books that had an impact on me, books I have enjoyed or learned from.

Knowing how to transmit knowledge is like living twice, here I leave you my little great contribution.

And check it day by day, because it keeps growing…


The great captain

Do you know the figure of Don Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba? Do you want to know more about him?

Granada Only has designed a guided tour of the Monastery of San Jerónimo to know his figure, although there was a time when everyone called him the Great Captain.

The Granada-born writer and historian, Antonio Callejón, brings us in a very special way to this forgotten figure of Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, captain of captains, strategist, military man, diplomat and a key figure in the conquests of the politics of the Catholic Monarchs.

His historical novel “the last love of the Great Captain” leads us to know this figure, his life, his adventures and misadventures, the passion with which his enemies spoke of him and the affection he cultivated among his troops.

It is such a beautiful novel, easy to read, well written, and brilliantly documented.

I couldn’t stop reading it until the end. I was captivated by the book itself and the character of the Great Captain, linked to the Monastery of San Jerónimo, where he is buried.

Do you want to know more about his life and his remains?

Visit with Granada Only the Monastery of San Jerónimo.

The garden of the poetry

I recommend you read the magnificent historical novel by Laura Fernández-Montesinos dedicated to the figure of the poetess Hafsa, to whom Granada Only has designed a guided tour of exceptional content guided by the book’s own writer.

Official guide of Granada, companion and friend by profession, but writer of devotion and vocation.

A perfectly documented and set novel.

Each page is treated with love and care.

With an exciting theme: the life of the poetess Hafsa al-Rakuniyya.

Hafsa deserved this tribute: a woman fighter in a time of men, a woman who achieved her independence and freedom in a patriarchal society.

The book masterfully places you in the historical context.

To taste it having a good cup of tea.

Of course, we have a special visit dedicated to Hafsa in Granada, do you fancy ?. Write me.

Alhambra: plants

Granada Only has been thoroughly documented and one of her favorite themes is flowers.

Our guided tour in the Generalife gardens is extraordinarily documented and here we offer you one of the thousand books that we have consulted and studied to deal with the subject of Andalusian botany.

I particularly love flowers, their color, their aroma, their botanical uses.

Knowing them is one of my great passions and in the gardens of the Alhambra it becomes a sensory pleasure.

This book is a marvel, written by Rafael de la Cruz and José Manuel García Montes.

Rafael is the head of the gardens, forests and orchards of the Alhambra, José Manuel is a professor at the University.

It is a magnificent book for lovers of the botany of the Alhambra and the Generalife, showing 80 of its most abundant plants in the Alhambra.

Do you want to know plants and flowers by their appearance, by their flowering, by their color, by their aroma?

Common, scientific names, uses and properties are revealed page by page with wonderful illustrations.

And if you want a guided tour of the flora in the Alhambra, contact Granada Only.

Arturo Gutiérrez Castillo

I can only convey my gratitude to Arturo Gutiérrez Castillo.

This is one of the wonderful books in which Granada Only has been documented to cover guided tours in the Cathedral of Granada.

Arturo was a colleague by profession, retired a few years ago and a didactic teacher of Granada’s heritage.

I have been very fortunate to be able to attend many of his visits, talks and conferences, throughout all my years of training, in addition to sharing many great moments with him.

He has published so many books, with so much knowledge and excellent documentation, that I have only included in the photo, some samples of his incomparable work.

His book “Intimate visit to the Cathedral of Granada” is a very good example of his art as a writer.

It is a marvel of book that I highly recommend to Granada, for its details, for its prose, for its fabulous content, which bring you in a powerful way to our great Renaissance Cathedral.

Granada Only in this guided tour of the Cathedral will transmit all the powerful force of this great book.

Reading the Alhambra

Granada Only in all its visits to the Alhambra reverses the knowledge of this beautiful work of art: Reading the Alhambra.

The title of this book, “Reading the Alhambra”, could never be so suggestive and evocative. The plasterwork of the Alhambra speak.

The ceilings, walls, eaves, capitals and muqarnas are covered with epigraphs, they speak. The Alhambra is a palace of words.

My teacher of Muslim art at the Faculty of Art History of Granada, José Miguel Puerta Vilchez, has given us this magnificent gift, the translation of every millimeter of all the phrases that in Arabic, cursive and kufic script, decorate as a tapestry , the walls of the palatial city of the Alhambra.

A great Arabist who, with great tenacity and patience, has translated from Arabic into Spanish all the poems, verses from the Koran, words and ejaculations to Allah that cover the best bound encyclopedia in the world: the Alhambra.

Thanks also to the Edilux publishing house, whose director, colleague and friend, Agustín Nuñez, for the publication of this wonderful work, the result of thousands of hours of work.

It has been a great gift to be able to know everything that is written in the place where I work and a luxury to learn from these two great teachers.

Charles V and the Alhambra

Granada Only transmits a lot of content of this great work in its different guided visits to the Alhambra in its Christian part.

This book about Emperor Carlos V, is for those who want to get closer to this figure and his inventions in the Alhambra in Christian times.

One of my favorite characters in Spanish history is King Carlos I, Emperor Carlos V: king of kings.

He bequeathed to his son Felipe II a kingdom where the sun never set.

The book is divided into five chapters by different authors, the most notable being that of the doctor of history, Juan Antonio Vilar.

Expert in the figure of the Emperor, Juan Antonio portrays the human face of Emperor Carlos V.

A colleague and friend by profession, Juan Antonio Vilar, has given us talks and presentations on countless occasions from the Christian period of Carlos V and we have had the great fortune to learn a lot from his profound knowledge, since he has thoroughly dived into the different documentary sources.

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