Official local guide of Granada… A job or a challenge?

Official local guide of Granada… A job or a challenge?


Currently everything is changing, technology changes the world, machines are part of our daily lives, everything is subject to the clock and measured with productivity.

One day someone told me that to be a Tourism Guide, was to be a great accountant of Stories.

At that moment I felt an important being, because we transmitted a piece of humanity and history to the visitor, regardless of their nationality, profession or social class.

We are great storytellers…


That supposes a great daily personal challenge, since you get up, until you go to bed.

We are guides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A great personal demand, a great daily adventure.

Transmitting our knowledge is our great legacy, knowing how to communicate, being great speakers, knowing a little of many, but many things is our challenge.

And for many of us it is a major daily wear to give, at every moment, the best of us.

However, you also have to know when to stop looking at the clock, the mobile phone, the computer, the tablet.

A world where technology has been imposed on us and we have accepted, with their successes and their mistakes.

But we have allowed ourselves to be involved in this world of technological fantasy, in which, unconsciously, we never disconnect because, or, we can not, or we do not know.

Today for the first time in many years, I have taken a leisurely walk, letting myself be guided by my steps through the main streets of Granada.

JULY 2018

It is this July 2018, an atypical summer in the south of Spain, for the pleasant temperature in its mornings and sunsets.

A night visit to the Nasrid Palaces is a real privilege at this time of year, a sunset from San Nicolás in the Albaicín, or a drink with its corresponding tapa in Plaza Bib-Rambla is a true delight.

Enjoy this atypical gentle temperature throughout the day, nothing compared to the eternal heat wave experienced last summer of 2017.

And today, for the first time I let myself be guided by the gentle wind, my steps have taken me to the library, without haste, my gaze has gone through shelves and shelves of volumes.

For the first time many years ago, I realized that the life of a guide is composed of simple things, of discovering a wonderful city with magnificent buildings, with its quiet streets and serene daily life.

Because Granada, with its beautiful light, lets imbue the visitor of its essence and aroma.

And so today, I have been able to understand that a profession is not important, but the human quality of those who exercise and dream it, and we must never stop dreaming or learning.

Finally, I felt myself one of the thousand tourists in an amazing and a wonderful city.

Felling the same emotions and experiences of our travellers and discovering one more time my city, but from a very different perspective.

By the way, do you want to discover Granada with me? Send me a mail.

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