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The official guides of Granada, Antonio Bonilla, Pablo Romero and Cristina Muñoz have collaborated in the campaign of the Alhambra Beers entitled “Volver”, where we have returned to the past and to taste the reissued beer of 1964.


This special tour organized by the company Alhambra beer, we have walked through the historic center of the city, discovering old buildings, shops and businesses that have endured throughout the twentieth century and still surviv


It has been a pleasure for me to document ourselves in a past of the city that has left its memories or scars visible.

So, I have enjoyed seeing as architects of the beginning of the century, Ángel Casas, Francisco Prieto Moreno, Miguel Olmedo, Juan Montserrat, among others.

And, they have left us marvels that continue today: Isabel la Católica Theater, Hotel Victoria, Post Office Building, Public Library of the Salon…

However, many disappeared constructions, have given way to new trends and new avant-garde (Cristina Muñoz).

We wanted to transcribe the words of the Ideal newspaper published on May 13, 2018, the words of Jesús Lens (journalist):

Alhambra Beer Company has organized a walk by the Granada of yesterday, the one of half of the last century, the Granada of all the days by which all we travel at full speed, with the eyes put in our mobiles or in the traffic light.

Very quiet and relaxed walk, driven by the wise and expert hand of the Granada guides (Cristina Muñoz), which allowed us to look, see and observe while walking, discovering details of our Granada that usually go unnoticed.

Like the huge figure of Isabel the Catholic who crowns her theater.

Or the scales of the dome that crowns the Victoria Hotel.

Nor the rationalism traced with tyralignals of the Central Post Office building.

A visit that led us, without nostalgia, to the old tram rails that, in the vicinity of Law, remain as a symbol of a past that is reinvented, in the 21st century, thanks to the success and popularity of the Metro.


Stop at the Mesones street, in front of the Gálvez Pharmacy where Falla gave free rein to its hypochondria or next to the premises that housed the printing press that published the first book by Lorca, “Impressions and Landscapes” self-published by his family after a trip to Castilla of the young poet.

Keep walking and sigh in front of the shutters, time and irreversibly, by the Bookstore “Studies”.

Blinds covered by graffiti… and dozens of stickers announcing locksmith services, authentic aesthetic plague of 21st century urban landscapes.

And, Blinds that certify the failure and ruin of misunderstood speculation.

Finally, blinds that show, too, that we prefer to mourn for the ghosts of the past than to defend the living businesses of the present; so much Amazon, e-commerce.

To pass next to the Cinema Madrigal, a miracle of our time that, with the posters of the indispensable ‘Lucy’ encouraging us to trespass its doors, is the living proof that one can still go to the cinema; a custom, a rite, a ceremony that supposes more, much more than just watching a movie.

Finish in the Bar “Titas”, next to the bridge of the Witches, toasting with that Alhambra Limited Edition Granada that honors the famous bottle of 1964 and that allows us to make a trip in time that, during a couple of hours, it was also in space, physical and mental. Health!”.


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