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In this article, I will give you some ideas for this strange etymology word, Granada, meaning pomegranate in English.

Where does the origin of the name come from?

Is it a fruit or a city? Or both?



Granada is the name of a city in the South Spain.

It is very well known for one of the most famous islamic buildings from medieval times: the Alhambra.

Visitors from all over the world are coming here every year.



However, many foreign visitors don’t know the origin or the etymology of its name: Granada.

First, its origine is uncertain.

Some people think the old name of Granada was “Garnatha al Yahud”  which means the pomegranate of the Jews due to the very important Jews population at that time.

Secondly, other people believe is because of the name of the Noah’s daughter, Gar Nata but this is only a remote possiblity.

Apart form these ideas, some historians think the name of the city was given by the Iberians for the garnet color of its walls.

Finally, the fruit, the pomegranate.


Originally, muslims brought the pomegranates from Arabia.

Siria, where the first caliph of Cordoba, Abderramán I, was born is full of these fruits.

It is said to be native from Iran and Afghanistan where it grows wild.

Phoenicians spread out the pomegranates across the Mediterranean.

In some tombs in Egypt this fruit has been found, a symbol of love and fertility.

In Syria it was consecrated to the goddess Rimmel and in Greece to the goddess Aphrodite.

The Phoenicians cultivated it around Carthage and thus the Romans give it the name of Carthage apple “Malum punicum”.


The Koran says that its fruit purges of hatred and envy.

Today pomegranate juice is a diuretic, refreshing and antioxidant drink.

We can not fail to mention the famous legend that each pomegrenade has 613 grains as the Jewish Torah has 613 commandments.

So, that is why is not only a wonderful city, but a beautiful fruit.

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