Federico García Lorca: The fifth day at five o’clock

Federico García Lorca: The fifth day at five o’clock

An expected and deserved tribute in 1976.

A meeting dedicated to the very famous poet, Federico García Lorca in 1976.

This was the title given to a tribute in honor of the Granada poet
Federico García Lorca, 40 years after his death.

This was the title given to a tribute in honor of the Granada poet Federico García Lorca, 40 years after his death.

It took place in the town of Fuente Vaqueros, his hometown, in the year 1976.

This event, which they called Fiesta de la Libertad, summoned some 6,000 people, lovers of poetry, freedom, being able to express for the first time a city, after the death of Franco, the entry into democracy.

It was organized by the so-called Commission of the 33 people, where 32 were men and only one woman, Antonina Rodrigo.

Perfectly orchestrated and directed, it takes as a banner to revive the figure of Federico Garcia Lorca and publicly denounce his political assassination.

Something unprecedented in a convulsed politically moment.

Something incredible at a time when there was a ban on the right of assembly.

A scant 30 minutes that gave much (Fraga approved only this half hour), because much work was done on it, giving the maximum broadcast in radio and press.

And there are many people who supported this unofficial popular tribute.

Many politicians and intellectuals, who still lived in hiding, attended the event.

Jose Ladrón de Guevara pronounced to begin these words: “Friends, comrades, it’s five o’clock in the afternoon…; they say that to kill a poet, real death, you have to kill him twice: once, with death; another, with oblivion.

Therefore, because we believe that the time has come to reclaim his memory and that of those who fell under the same circumstances, we summon you to pay public tribute in the same place where Federico was born today, 78 years ago.

This is the first popular tribute the poet.

I ask you for a minute of silence, the last minute of silence in your memory. “

“Federico Vive” “Federico lives” was the phrase chosen by José Ladrón de Guevara, phrase that has transcended borders, phrase that has left for posterity and recalls the figure of Federico with all intensity.

We heard the voice of Rafael Alberti, Aurora Bautista and Nuria Espert who recognized the strength that Federico endowed the Spanish theater, recited some of his famous poems.

His nephew Manuel Fernandez Montesinos expressed in the name of the whole family, the deep appreciation for this tribute, both the organizing committee and the attendees.

José Goytisolo read “More than a word”, a poem dedicated to Oriol Solé Sugranyes, who escaped from the Segovia prison and died in a shooting.

And he said these words: “I remember perfectly that your authentic wedding of blood was celebrated, riddled, consummated in Víznar and can not be erased.”

Blas de Otero continued with “I come with a rifle, but with a peace rifle… And whoever does not want to hear me, let him go”.

The half hour ended, the event ended.

The people, little by little, left in an organized way.

The forces of order did not have to intervene at any time.

For the event they placed posters around the city, which used the printing press of the University for its realization.

As an anecdote, a police sergeant approached the organizers, who alarmed him that he had permission to paste these posters.

The policeman told them that he only wanted one for him, and that Federico long ago deserved this.

Last February 1st, 2019, there was a small tribute talk in the Bankia Cube to the organizers, which I had the honor to attend.

Two of them delighted us with their experiences and experiences of the event in the first person.

Eduardo Castro Andrés Soria and Juan Vida were some of its architects, moderated by Jesús Lens, they took us in a time machine to relive this mythical moment.

Well worth a tribute all these organizers who fought for a democracy and justice well deserved by our distinguished writer, Federico García Lorca.

For our part, a group of official guides in Granada collaborators of “Discovering Granada”, we pay our little tribute to Federico, with a visit to the city of Granada, remembering where he lived, where he studied, where he met with his friends, places he frequented and many of his personal anecdotes.

Because his charismatic personality leads you to be such a close character, despite not having been able to meet him, but which arouses the most profound emotion, closeness and admiration.


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