Federico García Lorca: His own room in Madrid

FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA: His own room in Madrid


Exhibition from March 24 to June 24, 2018, at the Federico García Lorca Center in Plaza de la Romanilla s / n.

The exhibition is free until full capacity is reached.

This exhibition shows Federico, born in the heart of the Vega of Granada, Fuentevaqueros, with a childhood that runs between Valderrubio, Fuentevaqueros and Granada.

FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA: His own room in Madrid

He grew up in a rural environment, very provincial, he decides to spread his wings and moves to the capital, Madrid.

This new possibility introduces him to the most select of the Spanish Society, with the best teachers, with adequate facilities for study and research, and puts at your fingertips conferences, lectures, courses, a magical world where bright young students mold and form in the Spain of the moment.

This Students Residence was founded in 1910, and Federico will be in it from 1919 to 1936, although the last few years in a temporary and intermittent way.


It will seek excellence, favored by tolerance.

Many outstanding figures will emerge from this Residence, such as Federico himself, the painter Salvador Dalí, the filmmaker Luis Buñuel or the scientist Severo Ochoa.

It was attended by assiduous visitors or residents Miguel de Unamuno, Manuel de Falla, Juan Ramón Jiménez, José Ortega y Gasset or Rafael Alberti.

It was a forum for debates on the intellectual life of Europe between the wars.

Among other personalities visited, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Igor Stravinsky, Paul Walter Gropius, Henri Bergson and Le Corbusier.

The Residence cost nothing more and nothing less than the whopping amount of 7 pesetas a day, a small fortune at the time.

Federico send a letter to his father, after the failure of the “Maleficio de la Mariposa” (Butterfly Hex), which was his first failed play:

“I beg you to leave me here … You can not change me anymore.

I was born a poet and an artist, like the one born lame, like the one born blind, like the one born handsome.

Leave my wings in place, I’ll tell you I’ll fly well… “

And so it was, because Federico brushed the sky with his wings, leaving us a legacy of poetry and theater world-renowned and of incalculable value.

If you want to learn more about his life and his work, do not miss the thematic visit of Federico García Lorca in Granada.

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