Alhambra Gardens in spring



The spring of this year, 2018 is being very atypical, since it has been cold until a few days ago, and it has rained unusually a lot this winter.

Sierra Nevada Mountains are plagued by snow, with thicknesses of more than 4 meters in many of its areas, and the snow has covered very low areas this year, areas where only the rain arrives, so that, on several occasions, snowflakes have fallen this winter.


The flowers have taken a long time to bloom. Almond tress were the first ones blooming, as always.

Then, the Japanese plum trees, with their striking pale pink flowers.

Now, in April 2018, the lilies or “Iris Germánicas” are in their splendor, of lively and striking colors, the blue variety, which Van Gogh painted, and whites and yellows color all surfaces of the Generalife, flowerbeds, gardens and terraces.

They emphasize in their low zones the orchards, with their artichokes and their green beans, that very soon they will be ready to be consumed. And you know how the saying goes: “a garden is a treasure if the one who grows it is a Moor”.

The wisteria, some flowering, the others about to bloom, fill with their bluish petals the pergolas, and some even let glimpse their Bansiae roses, small and tangled through their branches.

There is only one shy rose that has made its appearance, the rest await warmer temperatures to hatch, while the peonies are at their peak, although for a short time, because they bloom very few days each year.


Fruit trees are interspersed with vegetables, aromatic plants are glimpsed among flowers, herbs with medicinal powers, and much more.

Today composes the Generalife gardens in the Alhambra, with just under 300 plants and trees, of which 40% are planted in medieval times.

We would love to guide you through a path full of plants.

We would love to show you the power of plants in medieval times, what they planted, why they planted them, what uses they had before and what they are used for now.


Come with us to enjoy the Flora of the Gardens of the Generalife and the Partal, and come now, because it is just now, when you can enjoy all the aromas and all the colors in the gardens.

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