Granada Only, founder:

Cristina Muñoz Eugenio

My name is Cristina, a tour guide specialized in Granada, with over twenty years in the business.

I graduated in both Tourism and History of Art.

Granada Only  has been founded by me, a leading company in the sector, dedicated to the design of guided tours in Granada, that has a good reputation for organizing visits specially designed for couples and small groups.

And, I offer highly documented guided tours, full of curious facts and anecdotes that transport you to our past.

Together with my team of collaborators, we move away from the typical visits full of data in order to draw a clear and entertaining vision of life in an era and its links with the present time.

Do you want to know what we create?

Emotions, sensations and unique experiences.

Emotions, sensations and unique experiences. 

Emotion of being a traveller who lives intensely the moment, a unique and unrepeatable moment.

Sensations discovering new places or rediscovering already known places under a new light.

Live new, unique and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

That is what I know how to do!

Come with me to Granada and let yourself be dragged through a sea of new perceptions that will leave an indelible mark of unforgettable memories.

Putting illusion in each of my visits and taking care of every detail in them, is may maxim. Make your day!


Granada Only is a leading company in guided tours, dedicated only and exclusively to this beautiful city and its cultural and artistic heritage, hence the name of our company.

We are specialized in cultural tourism and we have great specialists in architectural conservation and sustainable tourism.

Our Granada Only human team shares the philosophy of Granada Only.

We are all highly trained, with a solid track record and training.

And we regularly attend presentations, courses, conferences and seminars to update content on a regular basis.


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