Alhambra Generalife Gardens: Restoration of Original Walls



Three intense days 8, 9 and 10 of May 2018 in the Palace of Carlos V, we have attended numerous talks and conferences about the different interventions and restorations that are being carried out and that will be carried out in the palatine city of the Alhambra.


We have focused on the intervention of the retaining walls of the Generalife Gardens, which is being carried out by Doña Isabel Bestué, which began in 2004.

It focuses on the retaining wall of the Generalife, which, incredibly, its orchards have always been cultivated, from the Nasrid period until today.

Always with continuity, which seems to be a gift to our eyes, since the medieval site would be very similar to what we see today.

It has included a material restoration, it has allowed us to improve the knowledge of intervention techniques in the land.

And it has helped us to know better what these construction techniques were with the use of the land, since until the moment a restoration had not been carried out.

Between the year 2004-2006 a vegetal cleaning was made, since there were trees that grew of uncontrolled form, especially hackberries, that had arisen of spontaneous form, and leaned in the original walls.


In 2011 the first intervention project was started in the main orchyard which is divided into four levels and focused on the main wall in the second part.

The visitor can easily appreciate this restoration from the different towers of the Partal Gardens.

The work was quite slow to allow to conserve well certain parts that were in a very good state of conservation.

And, on the other hand, they were quite damaged, especially the coronation, by the effect of the roots of many trees and subsequent water filtration.

The different previous interventions of the architects Torres Balbás and Prieto Moreno were studied, which were solutions given over time to prevent the wall from deteriorating more and more.

But which were temporary solutions and now, which has been much longer, they have decided to remove certain hackberries whose roots were about to throw the left side wall, and the restoration continues at this point.

Post: Alhambra Generalife Gardens: Restoration of Original Walls

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